The Closing Process

The Closing Process


Receive Contract/ Title Order

For a Purchase/Sale: Albritton & Obee Title receives the Purchase/Sale Contract.

For a Refinance: Albritton & Obee Title receives a title order request.


Earnest Money

Only in a Purchase transaction, the buyer sends the earnest money to the designated entity in their Purchase/ Sale Contract.


Title Search

Albritton & Obee Title orders the title search.


Title Examination

Title Processor conducts a title examination and clears title issues, if any.



Once Lender gives a clear to close, Albritton & Obee Title schedules a closing date with all parties.

A couple meeting with a lender


Final Numbers

Lender and Albritton & Obee Title‘s title processor work together to ensure an accurate Closing Disclosure (CD).


Closing Documents

Lender sends final loan documents to Albritton & Obee Title.



All parties come to the closing table to sign and complete the closing process.

A couple meeting with a lender